Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow in the forecast, Weekend Recap, and an Itsy Bitsy BABY???

HELLLLOO! I'm feeling good about this Monday. Maybe because we made good use of the weekend...or maybe I'm just very well rested. Either way I've got positive Monday feelings enough to share. Grab a handful...or two.

Guys, guess what??? There's snow in the forecast tomorrow...with ACCUMULATION. Eeeeee! I've told Mike that I won't be happy moving until we've seen the city shutdown over some flurries. Fingers-crossed for us guys. I'd love a cozy work from home day on Wednesday.

I'm realizing as I start to write the recap that I'm a little light on pictures. Sorry. You'll have to use your noggins :)

First things first we made it to the climbing gym twice! And on trip two we hit up the work-out area. There's some seriously nice equipment up there. Mike and I have agreed that we should try to get a quick mile run in after each climb. Moral of the story, turns out it's not always a jinx to talk about climbing ;)

In DIY news...
I made the decal. It turned out really nice. I think if I make another I've got some plans to clean it up a bit, but I'm happy with this one. It was pretty cold last night too so I think it's good and stuck on the window. It was looking very professional this morning.

Sconnie Love

Drumroll please. We have an announcement to make...

Mike got the baby in my work's King Cake! Oh didn't think I was talking about a real baby did you?? Hehe haha. I know both mommies are reading this now, and I couldn't resist (hi moms!). 

Anyway if you still don't know what I'm talking about, King cakes are a traditional celebratory cake from New Orleans typically eaten on Mardi Grais. Inside the cake is a small plastic baby. The person who finds the baby in their piece gets good luck.

Let's review the timeline: The cake is delivered to work to celebrate the completion of the year-end provision. Mike interviews with the Children's Hospital. I get coerced into bringing home a piece of cake for Mike. Mike finds the baby. An hour later Children's emails for a 2nd round interview. Coincidence....or baby magic?? I'll let you decide.

Happy Monday! Let's start the week by wishing for a Snow Day :)

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