Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Forecast!

Whatcha doin'? Nothin', climbing at the local rock gym...(if you didn't read that to the tune of Holiday Inn, you missed out)

BAAA--AAAA---RRRRRRRRRRR! Right? It's cold here, so it's probably even colder where you are. You poor things. Go get a blankie...or a blankie cleverly disguised as a sweater. I love my work appropriate blankets :)

Besides cozy-ing up with blankets and fluffy socks all weekend, Mike and I have a few other activities planned:

1) Back to the Summit. I almost hesitate writing this here. We've tried all week to go after work, but keep getting foiled by other things. We're beginning to think that planing to go climbing is a jinx.

2) The Healthiest Grocery Run EVER...Although hopefully it will become our new normal. We going to be shopping the heck out of the perimeter.

3) Bug Luv. My little bug-a-lug is going to get some lovin' in the form of a new rear window decal. I got a bunch of adhesive vinyl from my sis-in-law for Christmas, and I'm dying to put it to use. The project will be loosely based on these instructions, EXCEPT that I have a handy-dandy digital cutting machine :) The design will be something like this:

Happy Friday! Try not freeze out there!

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