Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Forecast: Juicing, Belaying, and a 3-day Weekend??

Woot woot! Friday is here. Work is quieting down. Life is good.

This weekend is shaping up to be a fun one. Though I haven't gotten the official ok to not come in on Monday, I've got a good feeling about it. And hopefully it does work out because one of our plans was made with the long weekend in mind....

3 Day Juice Cleanse!

What better way to bring in the new year and repent for our holiday food transgressions than by doing a juice cleanse?? That's what I keep telling myself at least.

Tomorrow marks day one of our Love Your Liver Cleanse from our local juice bar, Arden's Garden. I've tried juice cleanses in the past and have never been able to make it to the end. Looking back I think there were two major factors leading to my demise: 1) I was going it alone, and 2) The juices didn't taste good at all.

Well this time I did some research on different cleanses and even got the hubby on board. To learn more about the Love Your Liver Cleanse check out the info sheet here. Make sure to check in next week to find out how we do.

Belay Lessons

You may remember back in my resolution post that I mentioned cultivating hobbies, and we'll be doing just that this weekend. In addition to chuggin' down the juice tomorrow, Mike and I will also be meeting up with our newly married buddies, Kayla and Kyler, for belay lessons at Stone Summit Climbing Center

Mike and I both have some limited experience with indoor climbing. I even took a belay class a loooong time ago. We've gone climbing together a few times and always walk away from the day thinking, "Why don't we do this more often?" 

Last October we cancelled our gym membership because we had started running outside and because we were looking for places to save some money. When it comes to exercising, I think it needs to be something that above all else you LOVE to do. I hate when working-out feels like work, and I'd much rather just try to stay active throughout the day than to spend an hour or two killing myself in the gym.

After making some big changes to how we spend our money, I'm starting to see areas where we can afford to spend a little more, and I think rock-climbing could be a great investment: it's active, we can do it together, there's room for growth and development of new skills, and it's such a bad-ass hobby! Bonus: we can totally justify having a rice bucket for the living room.

Looking forward to giving you the update on Monday! HOLD tight til then! (hahaha, hehehe)

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