Friday, September 6, 2013

A Very Happy B-Day & Friday Forecast

WOOOOO Weekend!

This was a pretty easy week for me. Short week. Birthday. And now it's Friday :D

Mike did an awesome job on the bday celebrations yesterday. We met up for lunch. After work he set up a massage for me at my favorite place here in ATL. Then after the massage I can home to this:

Paul Frank birthday banner and cafe lights. He gets me.

AND Mellow Mushroom pizza! Pineapple and tempeh...delicious.

Love this dude.

The fun continues this weekend with some fun errands on Saturday. I have few craft ideas in mind, especially after my big gift purchase (thanks mommy 1 and mommy 2 for the spending money!). I'm hoping to hunt down some of this felt made from recycled bottles. Recycled materials and cruelty free?!?! How cool! More details once my gift arrives.

Sunday we are heading to Six Flags over Georgia with our church's young adult group.


I'm pumped! I loooooove roller-coasters and have been dying to hit up Atlanta'a Six flags since we moved down here. Mike is less excited about the rides. We'll see how it goes.


My number one target for the day: the Sky Screamer. It's like the carnival swings on steroids. 242 feet tall. Eeeeeee!

Wishing you a thrilling weekend!

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