Monday, January 6, 2014

Meet Our New BFF

Hi Hello! Warm greetings to you on this very chilly Monday.

There hasn't been too much excitement in our house.

We saw Saving Mr. Banks. Two thumbs up from me. Mike's only comment: "It didn't touch me emotionally"....well sorry Mr. Fancy Pants. Didn't know The Hobbit was so emotional for you.

We also watched yesterday's Packer game. Two thumbs down from me...and it was also a little too emotional for Mike. BUT we did get to use our snazzy new coozies from my parents. Cheers to next season!

Extra points for drinking Wisconsin brews!

Keeping in line with my New Year resolutions, we spent the weekend munching on semi-raw dishes. We even tried a new fruit: the Pomelo. It looks like a massive green grapefruit on the outside and a nice pink grapefruit on the inside. The taste was like a less bitter version of grapefruit. So's basically just a massive grapefruit. Cool beans.

"Big ones, small ones, ones as big as your head"

On to the exciting part of this post. Mike and I made a new best friend...

His name is Elliot.

He's really cool and blows mist out of his trunk.

He's an elephant.

Oh, and the best part:  he's got GREAT personality! Packaging at it's finest.

You had me at Elliot 

In all seriousness, this dude has been a totally lifesaver as the temperature drops and the air in our house gets dryer by the day. Thanks Elliot!

That's all for today. Try to stay warm and cozy tonight!

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