Friday, January 10, 2014


Willkommen! I thought that for a special Friday treat I'd share one of my favorites. Maybe this could be a thing. I'll tell you about cool stuff. You can tell me about cool stuff. Together we can unlock the secrets of the universe!

For my first ever Friday Favorite I want to tell you about my favorite bar for dinner and drinks...Whole Foods! If you don't have a nearby WF, don't distress. Check out your local natural foods store for prepared food options or even the salad bar at your regular grocery store. If you aren't finding the options you'd like to see submit a comment to the store manager. You never know until you ask :)

Our Neighborhood WF

Without further ado, why I love WF dinners in list form. Enjoy...

The 5 Awesome Things about Whole Foods Bar Dinners (and one bad one):

1.) LOTS of Vegan Options: When it comes to having a wide variety of vegan options, Whole Foods can't be beat. Beyond the salad bar, there's always a wide variety of cool grain and pasta salads, roasted veggies, and hot tofu and tempeh based dishes. Sometimes they even have vegan mac n' cheeze, WIN!

2.) Quick & Easy AND Healthy: I think everyone has those days where by the time you're hungry for dinner, you're energy stores are completely drained. It's always tempting to order in a pizza or Chinese or hit up a drive-thru, but that often means trading health for convenience. Whole Foods bar to the rescue! Now that's not to say that everything in the bar is healthy, but you can balance out your plate with a salad or veggies of your choice. Plus you have complete control over portion size!

3.) Multitasking: Have you ever heard the advice to not shop on an empty stomach? Well, what better time to pick up a few things from the store than after a hearty, healthy meal? We usually take some time during the meal to game plan our shopping list. Sometimes we even find inspiration for meals from our dinner choices.

WHOLE-y Hipster Alert

4.) Fun for the Whole Family: The first time we ate at Whole Foods was right after I went vegan. I was looking for a place with lots of food options for me AND Mike. If his always heavier plate is any indication I think we found a winner. As an extra bonus, they do an amazing job with their food labels. In addition to the name of the item, all of the ingredients and allergen info is also listed. So whether you have dietary restrictions, allergies, an intolerance, or just want to know what's in the food you're eating, you can make an informed decision.

5.) Kombucha! Have you had Kombucha yet?? Go try it. I la-la-love it. But it is on the expensive side and can have a lot of sugar in it so I try to keep it as a once in a while treat. That means that Whole Foods bar dinner is a perfect excuse to enjoy a bottle.

One Bad - Cost: It's not called Whole Paycheck for nothing. On average our plates cost around $10 each. Toss in a $4 kombucha and it's starting to get pricey. However it's still less than our average delivery tab and it get's us out of the house!

Do you have any quick and easy dinner tricks? Share in the comments!

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy Friday. And may your kale salads not taste like grass :)

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