Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Ramblings

Full disclosure... I had no plan for this post when I sat down to write it.

Also I'm not feeling 100% and am thinking I'm coming down with a cold. Grrrr. Tis the season I suppose. Here's what's been on my brain lately...

Those dang pumpkins.

We still haven't carved them! Can you believe it?? And now we have gotten to the point were we might as well wait til tomorrow night...Although if we don't carve them we could leave them out as autumn decoration right?? What do you think? Major cop out?

Speaking of autumnal decorations, I saw a really cute idea for watercolor leaf garlands. I'm thinking some Thanksgiving decorations are in order this year. Despite our tiny place and lack of family within 100 miles we were once again given the honor of hosting. Weeeeeee!

Back to the pumpkins, do you do this too?  Do you have a to do that just sits on the list and never really gets crossed off until you just get so sick of looking at it the you give up and just delete it?? Pretend you never put it on the list. Move on with your life. I swear to you those pumpkins glare at me every time I walk past. "You promised us faces!!!" Poor guys. On a positive note, it's giving me great inspiration for the carving that may or may not happen.

The Rabbit Hole

I've fallen down a serious rabbit hole and it's location is YouTube. Now don't get confused, I've always enjoyed the silly videos that get posted there or the helpful tutorials  or its ability to quench an insatiable song thirst for free, but the rabbit hole I've gone down is a much more specific one. Ladies and gentlemen, I've seen the Cheshire cat, broken tea cups, chatted with a caterpillar  and met the Queen, flamingo croquet and all. What's this rabbit hole I'm speaking of?? YouTube vloggers...gosh I love them. 

Here's where I turn into the white rabbit myself...come with me :) 

My faves

Start Here: Daily Grace - funny shorts posted daily (M-F)

From there you might want to check out Grace's BFF's Hannah or Mamrie - boozy fun

Or if you are more into pretties let's jump across the pond to check out Zoella - seriously she is precious, and adorable, and downright perfect. Plus the HAULS!! I don't now why seeing things other people bought is so exciting, but it really really is.

From Zoella's videos you might start to wonder about who this Louise lady is...SprinkleofGlitter - here come more beauty and haul vids, but wait BabyGlitter?? Say what?? And who is the US buddy name Marie with her awesome Box Swaps??

Back home to the US we go to Marie - she's just a really cool person ok? I don't have anything else to say on this one. Just go check her out.

Anyway that's a rough outline of my tumble down the rabbit hole. I'm sure yours will be different if you happen to stumble in....The water's warm ;)

That's probably enough ramblings for one morning. If you like these sort of posts let me know in the comments below! 


  1. A, I love the rambling posts. The stream of consciousness, and the admission of to do list defeat is sweet and honest. Keep them coming.
    Love you - H

  2. I'm a big fan of thought posts vs just this is what I did post. I like them both! I like seeing it mixed up :)

  3. Oooo, you do these kind of posts very well!

    1. Thanks! I can certainly do try these more often.