Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: We came, We saw, We bought a Birdhouse!

Woot woot! Today's my Monday! 

We made excellent use of our long weekend. First things first: Rock City!

I see it! I see it!

The drive was beautiful...


The tight squeezes were tight...

Fat Man Squeeze...and they weren't kidding.

The bridges were swing-y...

Luckily the weight limits are protected by the tight squeezes to get here.

The black light Fairyland Cavern was trippy...

Magic Valley huh?

The views were impressive...

Overall, it ROCKED!

And we got our birdhouse...

Ornament birdhouse..loves it

On the way home we stopped for apples and got some awesome car picnic-ing in. 

Road trip pockets thanks to me. Apples thanks to R&A Orchards. Picnic basket thanks to H&F :)

Sunday we made it to the Packer bar and had a blast!

Go Pack Go!

Yesterday we celebrated Mike's final Fall break with a whole day of walking. We walked to Flying Biscuit, then to The Art of Touch for a couples massage, then to Atlantic Station for some shopping, and then all the way back home. Mike estimates we hit a total of 10 miles! Wooo! Totally made up for the hearty breakfast and Moe Monday dinner.

And now back to work :P

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