Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: Costume Reveal! and The Best Party tour

Welcome back to the work week. Blerg.

Did anyone else just witness a much too quick weekend? Getting out of bed this morning was rough. The hot shower got me moving, but then when we opened the door to take Luke for his morning walk...rainy rainy grossness. Yuck! Talk about wanting to just turn around and curl up in bed. It's definitely a jealous of the lazy puppies napping through the rain sort of day. Oh well...on with the recap!


Do you have Netflix??? If so, go home and watch ParaNorman. Mike and I watched it on Friday to kick-off our Halloween festivities, and it seriously rocked. The plot was entertaining and the movie itself was beautifully filmed in stop-motion. Loved it. Seriously go watch it! 

Saturday was a day of errand running for me. Mike had an all day class at Children's Hospital so I was on my own. Yoga pants on, list made, dog walked, and out the door at 8:45. I was on a mission. 

The green and pink was a happy coincidence.

I got home in time to finish up some last minute touches on our costumes, then got to work on the cash-only envelopes. I think they turned out really great:

Fun paper can make anything exciting.

Saturday night was the party. After nom-ing down some delicious BBQ pizza we donned our costumes and got in a nice photo session before we had to leave for Kier's. 


Ah yes, the rare Socie Cacti in all its glory. This was one of the most comfy costumes I've worn in a long time (I guess that's a perk of being an old married lady on Halloween). The process for putting it together was pretty cheap and easy and didn't require any sewing! We also had a lot of fun posing for people who were trying to figure out what we were. 

The party itself was awesome. After having gone to Kier's party last Halloween we knew we were in for a treat. When it comes to Halloween decorations, Kier does not mess around. Let me show you:

Watch out for that disemboweled body...

Hey look it's the Great Pumpkin...

Also notice the bonfire and heat lamp...nice

Can't complain about your hangover, you've been warned...

Showed up stag? Don't worry. This creepy clown will be happy to dance with you...

It lit up and shook if you made a loud noise  by it

Not in the mood to dance? Why not play some beer pong OUTSIDE! Tent and black-lights included...

Kier nailed it right down to the creepy details.

Scariest decoration of the night: this random carousel toy sitting by itself in the corner. Spoooky.

Ok, the clown is probably creepier.

After all the excitement on Saturday, this is what our Sunday looked like:

Oh so cozy...wish I where back there now 

Happy Monday! Hope you have something cozy waiting for you at the end of the day!


  1. That party looked awesome! Also, I've been wanting to watch Paranorman, but also have been going back and forth between that and Hotel Transylvania. Have you seen that one? And I watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, last week :) 2 thumbs up for Halloween cartoons.

    1. I have not seen Hotel it on Netflix? Great Pumpkin is an on Halloween only thing for me. WATCH ParaNorman! Sooo good. Very cute. Kind of introspective :P