Monday, October 7, 2013


Wooo back to work...that was quick.

We had another fun-filled weekend. I am once again behind on my sleep, but hey it was worth it!

Friday we made it out to see Cloudy 2.

It was very cute with all the food animal names. Also I really want one of those party in a box things that Flint invented. Major flaw with Cloudy 2: not enough puffy kisses.

It was also our first trip to the big theater in town, and we couldn't resist the fancy snack counter. In an attempt to be budget and health friendly I opted for the small Iccee and Mike got a medium soda. Well, this is what we got....

Yeah, that's a 32 oz. small

Seriously??? Is this real life? I immediately started cracking up. Are we in Pawnee??

Saturday morning I did some last minute prep for the beer fest. I made myself a freezer paper tee (see below) and went on a hunt for pretzels for necklaces, genius! Later, we met up with our new buds and fellow Atlanta transplants for the craft beer fest. The fest took place right behind their apartment. It was so perfect. 

About half an hour into the fest, Kyler pointed out that it was called HOTober Fest, not HOPtober Fest as I had thought. Well it was definitely hot...but there were also hops, soo....

After a few hours of beer tasting we got on the topic of the local bars. Lo and behold none of us had been to the Clermont Lounge. Well, that had to change. 

I don't have any pictures from the night because A: cameras aren't allowed in the Clermont and B: you just really have to see something like that with your own eyes. Curious about what the heck I'm talking about? Read up.

Sunday was a recovery day, and I was glad for that. I finally got around to making Mike's birthday gyros. Delish :)

Happy Monday! Who's ready for an awesome week!?


  1. Yay for a great weekend! Can't wait for our next adventure!!

  2. I, like you, cannot stop laughing at the size of Mike's soda.

    1. What's even funnier, the cashier asked if he wanted to upgrade to a large for only 50 cents more. I wonder how many poor schmucks have fallen for that one. lol