Friday, November 1, 2013

November Already??

Hola! Welcome to November! That's crazy.

Does time always go faster as you get older? Does it keep getting faster and faster? Someday when I have kids and they are on a school year schedule will it slow back down or does the preciousness of each milestone make the moments seem to slip away even quicker? 

This Sunday is our 3 month-a-versary. Here's where time really gets all messy in my brain. How can something feel like it was soooooo long ago but not at all that long ago at the same time. Here's another milestone for you: I've been eating vegan for 7 months now. No cheese for 7 months, guys! When did this all happen?? Is 7 months a long time? Is that not a long time? I don't know anymore, but here's what I'm thinking...

When you start collecting long-term constants in your life, i.e. a husband, a job, a house, a baby (choose those that apply), time becomes this weird nebulous of lots of amazing moments that are at the same time part of the  mundane day-to-day of a bigger life story. And that's really what this blog is about, telling the story.

Deep thoughts to start your Friday, but here's my biggest question: How the heck is it already November??? I think Halloween helps to make November extra sneaky with its arrival.

Halloween Festivities

I have a love/hate relationship with the fall down here. September is horrible. All I want to do is book a one-way ticket back home to the Midwest. I HATE that I have to wait till the end of October for the temps to dip and for fall colors emerge. But then when we finally get there, and it's 75 on Halloween night, it kind of rocks.

Since we don't have any chilis of our own to dress up, we have to rely on the cuteness of other people's. With that goal in mind we went for a lovely fall stroll last night.

Dress Code: Fall colored long-sleeve t's

Right away we saw an all white cat...on Halloween...that has to be super good luck right?? 

That large black spider at the top moved its head from side to side...spoooky.

Best house decoration award goes to the house above. Rats on the fountain...Mike hated it hahaha.

Beautiful weather meant that we extended the walk into the park. Lovely.

Piedmont Park

The walk ended with pizza on the patio of Mellow Mushroom. Luca did a better than expected job chilling on the other side of the fence whiled we nom nom nom-ed.

We got home and watched Halloween episodes of Modern Fam and Big Bang, then as the finale: The Great Pumpkin.

Charlie Brown was cracking me up. Poor guy.

It was great :)

Oh and the plumpykins...not carved. They are part of our autumn decor now. 

Happy Friday! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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  1. I watched that last week. I love how he just kept saying, "I got a rock." hehe poor Charlie Brown.