Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Forecast: Guess the Costume!

We've made it to Friday. Swwweeeeeeet.

Quick post today, as we don't have any big plans. Tonight we might FINALLY venture all the way to the end of our block (not exaggerating) to this Cuban place called Cruzado.


This place is seriously so close to our house is a bit odd that we haven't tried it yet. Chalk one up for laziness.

Mike got us both student tickets to the GA Tech game tomorrow. Last year Mike's dad bought us season tickets so it has felt a bit odd (lots of oddness in this post) that we haven't been to a single game this season. Once again I'm going to chalk one up to laziness.

That's us at a game last year. Awe...memories.

Sunday will be Halloween prep day in our house. We didn't end up getting pumpkins last weekend so plumpykins from TJ's it is. Oh well, not everything in life can be precious. I'm also totally going to use this as an excuse to get a jar of my favorite Cowboy Cavier. Another point for laziness I guess?

In other news....

We received a very important package this week with a major component to our Halloween costumes:

That's right, green zip hoodies. 10 points to anyone who can guess what they will become! 

Final Tally: Laziness 3, Us 0. If that's not motivation to kick butt this weekend, I don't know what is.


  1. Ninja turtles...or dinosaurs

    1. Nope! Ninja turtles would be fun though.