Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap: Buzzy Rain

Hello Folks! Who else wishes it was any day but Monday?

Welcome back to the week! It's getting seriously fall-ish here. Downright chilly. I hesitate saying anything down here is cold after growing up in Wisconsin. Quick check....feels like 48...yup that qualifies as chilly. Maybe I'll let myself wear my fleece in tomorrow. 

Back home I had a rule that I would not wear my winter coat til after Thanksgiving. Really it's a rule out of necessity. Once you break out the winter coat, there's nothing left to turn to when January comes around with its -35 windchill. Brrrr. I'm getting cold just thinking about it.

As I have yet to wear my winter coat down here, my fleece has become my new winter I'm really really trying to hold out til Thanksgiving. Luckily Mike is equally stubborn about giving into coldness. Also he's usually the only one ready in time to walk Luca in the morning (these lashes won't curl themselves, dang) so he is my expert advice when it comes to bundling up for the day.

To sum it all up, I was extra thankful for heated seats this morning :)

Now for the recap:

We finally made it the entire one black walk to Cruzado

My drink was called the Lolita, and I didn't realize til I took my first sip that it had jalapeno tequilla in it. Probably won't be getting that one again.

At first I was disappointed by the lack of veg options on the menu, but then our waitress told us about there vegaterian dish where I could pick any 3 sides for $10. Niiiiicce. And maduros were an option. Win!

Saturday was game day. We met up with some peeps and tailgated beer pong and flip cup style. This is one area where GA Tech gameday wins over Badger gameday: you can drink all the way up to the gate! We seriously set up a table in one of the campus commons and played drinking games. Last year Mike and I did a serious double take when we saw people just walking around with beers all over the campus.

At the last minute Mike decided to leave his jacket in the car. We have some serious weather delusions in our house. 

The weather left something to be desired. It was chilly and grey all day and started sprinkling right before kick-off. Luckily the Yellow Jackets trounced Syracuse, and our entire group was in agreement to leave early. Last stop: Taco Mac.

Sunday Mike had to tutor first thing in the morning. I got up in time to make these babies:

Definitely a repeat. They disappeared way too quickly.

I think I'll be sharing that recipe with you soon.

After Mike left I went on a serious cleaning binge. It was much needed. I scrubbed the heck out of the bathroom. It's sparkling now. Lovely. I also tried out some stove-top potpourri from my friend H's blog.

Smelling very H-y in here :)

So while I was scrubbing away, this bad boy was filling our house with the delicious smells of fall. When Mike got home he wanted to drink it. I wish I had gotten a picture of his face as I explained that it was just for smelling, not for eating. Poor guy.

We also made it to TJ's to pick up some pumpkins. I have it set in my mind that we will carve them outside, so until it warms up this is the state the pumpkins will be in:

Our pre-Jacks

Monday night means Moe's for us!! Yay. Today was one of the Monday mornings that I needed an end of day treat to look forward to.

Happy Moe Monday to you too!

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  1. I love your little weekend recaps and a shout out? All my stars. Thanks, A! I'm glad you loved it and sorry to Mike about the "just for smelling" business. So sad.

    xo, H