Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap: Our Lovely, Lazy Weekend

We were so lazy. Sooooooooo lazy. It's a good thing that we stayed pretty healthy with food, because we barely left the apartment. It felt great :)

I knew going into the WIIIIIIIIDDE open weekend that my main goal was to watch New Girl and read, and well...Mission Accomplished.

Friday after work I had one task in mind: hit up Whole Foods for a quick and easy dinner and some provisions for the weekend. I find so much comfort in our neighborhood Whole Foods. Just walking through the doors makes me feel healthier. Our past two runs have been very fruit and veggie focused. Pat of the back for us. After all that I've read and heard about the power of intention I know that health by proximity might but by a long shot, but I like the idea so I'll stand by it. (pun intended)

Post Whole Foods, we bottled the heck out of our cider. Socie Cider 2013 will be ready for consumption in two weeks. We'll probably try cracking one open this weekend to preview (pre-taste?).

It was a good thing we hadn't planned to go anywhere Saturday because multiple factors would have made it completely miserable. First being that this weekend was Music Midtown, meaning that traffic was extra headache inducing and our "it's really no so bad" street parking became more "ok maybe a reserved lot would be nice" in the convenience department. Second being that it rained all day, allllll daaaaay. No worries though. We had food, and drinks, and Badger football, and no pressing business to attend to outside the home. Winning combo.

Sunday continued in laziness. We watched football mixed with New Girl. i got into the number 2 slot of my fall book list:  The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Very good so far. Although I foresee a tragically depressing ending...blerg.

Here's the photo version of the rest of our laziness:

Food! Mostly healthy. I few indulgences here and there:

Cards! My second project on using the Silhouette. 

And look what didn't get done. Oooops.

Tonight we head to Moe Monday. It's the little things...especially on Mondays, it's the little things.

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