Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Forecast: Crossing off the Checklist Like It's My Job

Happy Friday everyone! Another week bites the dust!

After a long string of busy weekends, Mike and I finally find ourselves with one that's WIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE open. Love it. Just one more sign the summer is ending...we get our weekends back!

While we don't have any big plans for the weekend, I have a few little things in mind. For a long while now Mike and I have been building up a list of post-Ding to-do's. Most of which required a copy of our marriage certificate and a trip to a government building (read: headache city). Three different gov buildings were on the list for this weekend and guess what???? All three have been conquered. Name changes, new SSN requested, and new tags for the bug. Check, check, and check.

It was a struggle getting up early knowing that my time would be spent sitting in a not so comfy chair for who know's how long, but man was it worth it to know that I won't need to waste a good part of my Saturday. WIN!

Here's a peak at my weekend plans:

1) The End of Smoothies It's been truly a great experience. If you've ever failed at juice fasting or were too afraid to try  but are still looking for a health reset I HIGHLY recommend a smoothie cleanse. You'll get to fill up on lots of delicious fruits and greens, while still sucking down some hunger satisfying protein and fiber. 

Coconut water in smoothies. Life is good.

To break the fast, although as mentioned we've been snacking here and there, we are going to focus on whole food plant-based meals. After Wednesday's cooking class we picked up some udon noodles and dark miso for miso soup. We also have some kale and spinach leftover from the smoothies. I'm sure I'll come up with something delicious.

2) Dining Room Makeover Our new place is significantly smaller than our old place, and for the most part we've adjusted. Our last spot to tackle is our "dinning room" which is really just a nook next to our breakfast bar. We bought a nice metal shelf at Ikea last weekend to supplement our old plastic one. The new one looks fine, but the plastic one could use some sprucing up. Don't worry I have a plan!

3) Cider Bottling Our poor forgotten cider has been sitting in the aforementioned dining room begging to be bottled. Little things have gotten in the way all week, but tonight is the night! I cant wait to give it a taste. Fingers crossed it's turned out ok.

4) New Girl Season 2 Marathon What's the best thing about a weekend with no plans outside the house?? Netflix marathon! And since a lot of the new seasons have started, Netflix has become a bountiful garden of stay-cation entertainment. 

Get your groove on! It's the weekend!

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