Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Forecast: Crafts, Football, and Smoothies

WOOOOOOO! Friday! Did this week go by fast for anyone else?

Random note: I just noticed that this is my 13th post and it's also Friday the 13th...spoooooky.

We had a pretty fun week. My dad was in town for work so we met up at his hotel on Wednesday and went out for dinner. We hit up Top Spice Thai, and it was amazing. Bonus: the leftovers are today's lunch.

Last night we went to a cooking class with my favorite Atlanta plant-based chef MJ Conboy. She rocks. Total idol for me. We had quinoa granola, blacken tofu Cesar salad, spicy collards on polenta cakes, and almond butter rice crispy treats. I love trying out her uber healthy dishes, and it's like a real life cooking show. So fun!

Our salty sweet treat.

Plus, she always brings a treat. Last night was Nori Nut Sesame Crunch. Usually I find sea veggies a bit overpowering (unless drenched in wasabi), but these were the perfect mix of salty and sweet. Definitively going to be giving that recipe a whirl.

I mentioned last week that I was getting an awesome new craft gizmo with my birthday money. Well it arrived and it's awesome!


It's a digital cutting machine. I've been eyeing them up ever since my old roommate got a Cricut. I love that this one doesn't require cartridges. Instead all the cut files are created on your computer and are 100% customizable by you. These machines where originally made for scrapbookers, but quickly other crafters have seem the light. I personally have my eye on the textile craft scene. Custom t-shirt anyone?

Tomorrow we are heading to a GT game watching party at one of the first years' places. Tech plays Duke away. Should be a pretty interesting game. Mike and I will be hitting the store tonight for some game-day treats: carrot dogs for me and black bean salsa dip from TJ's.

Except we'll probably keep the PDA to a minimum.

Sunday Mike and I will begin preparation for our Smoose Cleanse! What's a Smoose Cleanse? Well, it's basically a word I totally made up to make a smoothie cleanse sound a bit more fun. A few weeks ago I picked up Kathy Patalsky's book, 365 Vegan Smoothies. She groups the recipes into months with a different wellness goal for each, for example: detox, slim-down, mood-boosting.

Check out her blog too! 

Our goal is to work our way through the months in 12 days with each day focusing on a different goal. I say 12 days is our goal because neither of us have tried to do a smoothie cleanse before so we really don't know how our bodies will react. I've tried to do juice cleanses before, but the detoxing always made me too sick to function so I've never made it past day 2. I'm hoping that using smoothies instead will be the answer. The fiber left in the smoothies does wonders for your digestion, and all the awesome flavor combos in this book should satisfy any craving we might have. Wish us luck!

Wishing you a Happy Weekend! Go Tech! To hell with Georgia! Buzz buzz buzz!

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