Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To the Right, To the Right: Welcome to My Hobby Lobby

Hello Party People! It's mid-week ramble time.

My dear friend H (check out her blogy blog) and I are no strangers to the "Blerg, I hate my job" convos. In the past year we have both been lucky enough to make big changes in the career department. Big, but not monumental, life changing, new reason to wake up in the morning type changes. So here we are a year later, definitely happier but still not fulfilled in the way we would like to be.

What else do H and I have in common? Were are creative as all get up and aren't afraid to dream big. The result is that most of our blerg-y convos switch to "how cool would that be??" pretty quickly, and we have a decent sized list of business ideas stored away in the corners of our brains. Pretty fabulous coping mechanism if you ask me.


Until the time that H and I find ourselves in the same city and can throw caution to wind, I try to do what I can to let my right brain shine. Here's a secret about me...I don't love doing taxes for a living. Shocking! Where does my wake-up-excited-to-start-the-day energy come from?? Creating, always creating.

Here's another secret about me, I inherited my practicality from my mother (also an accountant). Translation: It's unlikely I'll be quitting my day job anytime soon.

So how do I cope with a stifled right brain rumbling around in my head all day while my left brain is busy crunching away at numbers? Hobbies. Projects. Classes. Pinterest breaks at lunch. Handmade holiday gift planning. Meal planning. Oh... and blogging!

Most recently I signed up for a sewing class at Beehive Atlanta to make this tunic. Now I'm no stranger to my sewing machine, but I'm definitely not a follow the rules kind of girl. Same thing happens in the kitchen, where recipes are really more of a suggestion :) Well, this class is all about learning to follow patterns. LET THE POWERS OF LEFT AND RIGHT COMBINE!! 

Ok it wasn't that epic, but it was pretty great. We will be finishing up our tunics tomorrow night. If all goes well I might be wearing it in to work on Friday!

Here's to finding creative junk to put in your trunk!

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