Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Holiday...Go Do Something with Your Fam

Hello people!

It's almost Thanksgiving. Mike's fam arrives permitting...knock on wood. As such, I'll be  off doing other things this week away from the computer. Get excited for a big recap next Monday. Quickly though, here are some things to tide you over til I return.

Win, Win, Big Ol' Win!

Yeah that's my dash. And you'll notice the break light is on, indicating that I was parked at the time I took this pic. Safety first. The light you don't see lit up is our check engine light. Our buggy fixed herself! Yay! No rants this Monday. All is well on the auto front.

Smallest Weekend Recap Ever

Yup one pic. I cooked up some yummies this weekend in preparation for Thursday. After all the baking was done I took a look around at the mess of dishes and ingredients and was ever so thankful I made the dessert ahead. Self five!

That's all I've got for ya.  Enjoy the week. Give Thanks. Eat food!

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