Monday, December 2, 2013

I'M BACK! And so is December.

Hi Hello! I hope you had a lovely week. Did you miss me?

Here's what happened in our house...

First, look at this face. I woke him up on Tuesday. He was pretty ambivalent to my start of the holiday excitement.

Sleepy Doodle

Day 1: Flights and travel all worked out fine despite the horrible, horrible weather we had here all week. It was the coldest Atlanta Thanksgiving in over 100 years. I told the fam to leave the cold weather back home next time.

Bethany was hungry and I'm always on board for food so our first stop fresh from the airport was to Ormsby's

Sister, sister!

Mike and his mom got their shuffleboard on. Bethy and I cheered and heckled.

Day 2: was all about being tourists...and hiding from the cold and rain.

World of Coke! I love the 4D movie sooo much.


Surprisingly our little place did a great job accomodating more than just Mike and myself. Apartment win!

Oooo yeah, fancy table time.

If you were wondering, the tiramisu was divine...and has been completely gone for a few days now.

Om nom nom.

After dinner we all cozied into our food comas and enjoyed a couple Peanuts' Thanksgiving specials. Lovely.

Cue Peanuts theme song. Doo do dodo doo doo...

Day 4: We dropped the fam off at the airport :(   Mike and I hit up some Black Friday sales.

Retail Therapy: real person, adult style

New suit ordered! Positive interview ju-ju acquired!

And of course we did some decorating.

Looking good, Marv!

Let me know how your holiday week went in the comment's below!

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