Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ornament Tag!

2 weeks til Christmas!!!

So I'm not sure if tags really exist outside of the YouTube universe, but I wanted to do this one blog style so that's what I'm doing. Below I'm going to tag some of my bloggin' buddies for them to do the same thing on their blogs. Really though anyone is welcome to share their responses either in the comments below or by linking to your blog in the comments below. Also feel free to change/add to the tag as you'd like!

Tagging: Bee, Hilary, Sue,  Bethy (vlog it!), and anyone else who wants to join in!

1.) Favorite New Addition Ornament:

We actually have a whole bunch of new ornaments on our tree this year because last year my mom gave us a whole box of ornaments from our family tree, but the champagne glasses are brand new to any tree this year. We found them in a small boutique near Candler Park in, get this, JULY. Yeah we've been waiting a long time to put these guys on our tree. They are hand crafted by a local artisan, and are actually two separate ornaments. The hubby had the idea to hang them in clinking fashion. Very festive :) 

2.) Oldest Ornament:

This Santa is made from plastic, but not cheap-o dallar bin plastic. Early 1900's plastic. That's back when plastic was brand new and very very fancy. This ornament would have been a very big deal to have back then and luckily my family has managed to keep him safe as he's made his way down the family trees so that he can continue to be a big deal now. With him comes a paper written up by my grandma listing all the trees it has hung on beginning with my great great grandparents in 1904 all the way to my parents in 2004. And now we have him. Yay!

3.) Favorite DIY Ornament:

While sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to our honeymoon in Belize, Mike and I had the brilliant idea to hit up the duty-free for a nice bottle of liquor. We picked a bottle of patron and enjoyed tequila sunrises all week long. Being the sentimental type, I kept the cork and tag ribbon and made us a nice ornament to remember our time in Belize. Maybe the travel bottle will become a tradition and we'll have a whole tree of corks and caps someday.

4.) Most Nostalgic Ornament:

This set is awesome for a few reasons. One, the little book actually has the story of the Wizard of Oz in it. And two, it has been hung in the exact same spot my family Christmas for as long as I can remember. I'm not even sure if these are really meant to be ornaments, or what connection you can really make between Dorthy and Jesus, but these guys made our new tree feel like home.

5.) Favorited Gifted Ornament:

"Oh no, we only got one pinecone..." Cue Mike's uncomfortable face :S

Ok, I might have saved the best for last, at least in my mind. A few weeks ago a MASSIVE box arrived with none other than the beloved Milaeger's name on it. I braced myself for the winter awesomeness I knew awaited us on the inside and was still blown away. Inside was a beautifully boxed ornament set with all 12 of the German Bride's Tree ornaments. Each ornament is a symbol of a characteristic for a long and happy marriage. Some of my favorites are the House (protection and shelter), the Bird (joy and happiness), the Fish (Christ's blessing), and of course the Pinecone (fertility). 

Merry Wednesday to you!

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  1. I love your blog and this post, Allie. I'm having a difficult time choosing my favorite ornament from all the ones you displayed and shared. What lovely memories and traditions you will continue to have throughout the years. Wishing you both abundant blessings, with much joy and laughter, and all kinds of magical moments in 2014 and always!