Friday, December 6, 2013

The Hills are Alive

Raise your hand if you watched Sound of Music Live last night!

One of Mike's classmates hosted a watching party. It rocked.

There were twinkle lights, bubbly, and even traditional Austrian cookies.

Pretty awesome hosting. Virtual high-five to Lauren!

Here's a mini-review:

First Impression: Maybe it was the lighting and camera angles. Maybe it was the nun outfits. Either way I couldn't shake the feeling that I was watching SNL for the first 10 minutes. Which reminds me, 1D is the musical guest this Saturday and Paul Rudd is the host...might need to stay up for that one.

Favorite vanTrapp: Now there was a lot of oooooo-ing and aawwwwwe-ing over Gretl in our watching group, but for me Brigita (played by ) was the real standout. Loved her singing. Loved her acting. And it didn't hurt that I wanted a my-sized version of all her outfits. 

Favorite Non-van Trapp: Again I'm going to stray from our group's popular opinion and say that  as Frau Schrader kicked serious butt. Obviously  and   were amazing too. 

Favorite Commercial Break Entertainment: I really hope those of you with Twitter accounts saw the #SoundofMusicPickupLines. Soo funny. But seriously, why didn't they have a live tweet box up in the bottom of the screen Dancing with the Starts style? 

Overall: Loved the experience. Is it fair to equate it to a girly Super Bowl? To me the coolest thing about a special, nation-wide Live broadcast is the feeling of watching it in your house with your group of friends and knowing that across the country there are other people watching and enjoying the same thing. 

Happy Friday! Let's all try to fit in some scenic twirling this weekend.

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