Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weather Mood Swings & Water Lilies

Hi hello! How was your weekend? And more importantly, what the heck is up with the weather??

This winter could not be more different than last year's which was 80% nice and 20% yuck. This time around things have shifted  more toward 80% yuck. Based on reports from my weather delegates in the Midwest and on the East Coast, we've all had it rough. 

Here's a question for you, is it better to have random awesome weather days amid the yuckiness as a sort of break from the winter, or is it just a cruel tease? I personally go back and forth.

Sunday was definitely one of those random awesome days. Mike and I signed up for a paint along class a little over a mile from our place and decided that the weather was looking nice enough to walk. 

No more than two blocks away from the house, we were both feeling way too hot in our jackets and ended up walking the rest of the way in just our t-shirts. It is in these moments that I love it down here. T-shirts in February. Who'd have thought?

The paint along was held at an actual bar, Publik Draft House, in the private loft space on the second floor. Mike and were both digging the ambiance in the bar and decided a return trip is in order.

Drink One: The Sour Patch Kid. Drink Two: Sprecher Gorilla Grape Soda

The class itself was pretty fun. We met up with a couple from Mike's program which definitely increased the entertainment factor. 

Earth...UFOs arrive...oh no wait, it's water lilies.

I think my painting turned out ok. I'm happy enough with it to hang it on the wall. The most exciting part of the painting came at the very end.

Still not 100% used to the new name.

Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary. That might have been the fastest 6 months of my life. Although I have a feeling the next 6 will be even crazier.

Happy 6 Month-a-versary Mike!

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