Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend gone, and now it's Monday. Blerg. It's also a particularly painful Monday since it's my first one back at work in 3 weeks. What's the number one cure for the Monday blues?? MOE MONDAY! And today is extra special becuase it is our first ever Married Moe Monday! Woot woot! After work, I'll be picking Mike up from school and we'll be heading over to Moe's for our favorite weekly treat. Can't wait!

In other news, it was also our first weekend home as newlyweds. Our first order of married  business? Errands! We hit up the bank, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods, and finally the brew store for supplies for our newest homebrew.

The hubster being ultra manly. I caught him off guard with the first pic, but got a smile on round two.

We had a lot of great food planned for the weekend: tacos, BLTs, and chick'n salad. I was really in the mood to get in some more summer favorites before I go full speed pumpkin and apple everything. Well the weather here has been anything but summery. It's been in the mid 70's and hasn't stopped raining since we've been back. YUCK.

Friday was supposed to be taco night, but then we over indulged on the salsa and guac and decided to hold of on the tacos. While our normal stomachs were full, we still had plenty of space in our dessert stomachs ..enter homemade brownies :) We also made attempt 1 at watching our way through our unseen dvd collection with Bad News Bears, and we got in some Mario Karting...I think this game might become an obsession for the next few weeks.

Homemade brownies, almond milk, and Mario is good.

They didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. They were very very ooey gooey (not the worst problem). By Saturday they firmed up quite a bit. Shockingly there are still a few squares on the counter.

Since we spent the first part of Saturday running errands and ended up skipping lunch, the tacos made it back on the menu as an early dinner. I la-la-loves these tacos by Fantastic World Foods. Huge shoutout to my mom for discovering them at her local natural food store.

And to wash it down, Wisconsin brews :)

We finished off the weekend with a wholesome Sunday. We got up nice and early and hit the gym after a far far too long hiatus. After that we were off to church where we were the number one joy of the week :)

My friend H was a real inspiration for me when Mike and I began  attending church together. H is also a big fan of hair bows. As a result my brain has connected church and hairbows resulting in me rocking the look below on most Sundays. I sent H a pic and she sent back a pic with her outfit that day. Great minds think a like am I right??

We even coordinated shirt color lol

After church we finished up a few final errands, munched on some BALTs for lunch (A is for avocado), and got to work on our new brew... SOCIE CIDER

Delicious food and new projects...the makings for a perfect weekend.

Hope you had and amazing weekend too! Now let's go rock this Monday!

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