Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Forecast

TGIF guys!!  We made it! 

The weather is finally picking up. Sunshine and happiness from here on out. I'm definitely looking forward to some time outside soaking up a few rays before fall. I foresee some serious park time in our future. A picnic lunch might be in order.

Oh yeah. That't what I like to see.

Here are some of the projects on our radar for the weekend:

Backyard BBQ: Mike and I moved into a new apartment after the Ding. It's a bit smaller but a lot nicer. One of the major selling points was the private patio space. On the menu are veggie burgers and hopefully some sweet corn.

Our lovely patio. Landscaping included.

WhirlyBall!: Mike's program organized a group outing to WhirlyBall Atlanta on Staurday. I have never tried this before so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. All I've heard is that it's like lacrosse in bumper cars. How could that not be awesome?? 


Car Stuff: Last spring we acquired Mike's family's VW bug after realizing that having only one car wasn't going to cut it for Mike's summer rotation schedule. Well its registration is coming due for renewal, and the time for procrastination is coming to an end. On a positive note, the title is being moved to our names so it's going to be officially ours :) My inner 14 year-old could not be more pumped!

Bang Research: If you follow me on pinterest then you've already seen a storm of bang pins. I did a great job growing out my hair for the Ding. I love how long it is, but it's all one length and pretty boring. Since my go to look is the lazy but work appropriate bun, I'm thinking bangs would be a great way to jazz it up a bit. Here are my top inspiration pics so far. The appointment is on Thursday. Eeee!

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Hope your weekend is full of awesomeness!

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  1. I definitely want to come see your new place if I can! Also, that game sounds awesome.